What does your charge include?

  • Unlimited phone consultations
  • Pre-sedation to relax your pet
  • Humane, painless euthanasia
  • Transportation of your pet for aftercare

How do I know when the time is right?

The decision to euthanize your beloved pet is one of the most difficult you will ever have to make. As a support to you, I am available for consultations either by phone or email at no charge to help you through this most difficult period. 

There are some signs that your pet will exhibit that indicate that it’s the right time to relieve their suffering. The most important concern of most pet owner’s is their pet’s quality of life.

  • When it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to do the activities that they normally enjoy—taking walks, playing with you or your other pets, jumping up on the bed, etc.
  • Their inability to control their urination or defecation.
  • Continuous panting, whimpering or crying are usually indicators that your pet is uncomfortable or in pain.  They may even growl or attempt to bite when petted or handled.  If pain medications are not alleviating this discomfort, we assume they are suffering.
  • Withdrawn and disinterested in normal interactions with you or other pets in your household.
  • Having more bad days than good days.
  • When your pet starts refusing to eat or is disinterested in food, you know their life is nearing the end. 

Unfortunately, no one but you can make the final decision because you know your pet better than anyone else. Making that decision is a difficult one, but I can help walk you through the process so that your pet will receive compassionate care until the very end.

What is the benefit of being at home?

Having your pet spend its last few moments at home in a familiar and loving environment is less stressful for them and for you and your family. You can make their final moments more intimate, relaxing and loving.

What do I need to do first?

When you have determined that your pet’s quality of life is diminishing, you can contact me to discuss the option of home euthanasia. I am happy to talk you through the process as we consider the end of life care.

What happens when you arrive at our home?

After I arrive and spend a few minutes with you and your pet, I will administer a sedative to relax your pet. Most people prefer to hold their pet for the 5-10 minutes it will take for the pet to fall asleep. After your pet is totally relaxed and asleep, an intravenous overdose of a sleeping agent is administered which causes the heart to slow down and stop. This will take only 10-15 seconds. I will then determine that your pet has passed peacefully.

In my experience, this is a gentle, intimate and extremely meaningful experience. Although the feeling of grief that follows is painful, my clients reflect back on the at-home experience with happiness that they made this decision. 

How will my pet be cared for after it has passed?

After your pet has passed, I will then transport it to a local pet crematorium for either group cremation or, if you desire, individual cremation.  With individual cremation, you will receive your pet’s ashes back within 10-14 days. The ashes will be returned to you in a very pretty wooden box. You can also decide to keep your pet for burial or contact a pet cemetery of your own choosing.