Say goodbye to your pet
at home...

San Diego In-Home Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

Meet Dr. Metten

Dr. Greg Metten is an experienced veterinarian who began caring for pets in 1977.  He is known for his gentle manner and his keen diagnostic skills.

Dr.  Metten has been told throughout his career how families prefer to have their pet pass at home. Now, it is possible to receive personal end of life counseling to help you through the difficult decision that you are making. 

When it is the right time for you and your pet, Dr. Metten will come to your home for a gentle and painless passing.

When the time is right

The decision to euthanize your beloved pet is one of the most difficult you will ever have to make. Unfortunately, only you can make the final decision, because you know your pet better than anyone else. 

Making that decision is a difficult one, but I can help walk you through the process so that your pet will receive compassionate care until the very end.

See our FAQ section for more signs that it might be time

It's my pleasure to help others through this difficult time.

Just a short note to say thanks for the compassionate and professional manner in the way you helped send our boy Jesse on his way.  Your calm and caring approach allowed us to make a very difficult and emotional time less painful.

Your follow up by means of personally delivering Jesse’s cremated remains and sending us a caring card speaks highly of your dedication to your customers and, more importantly, your devotion to the animals you relieve of their issues.

Thanks again,
Dennis and Jeanne

Last night we had to let our favorite, most special cat, Tony, go. We are devastated. But we found solace that we did not have to put him into the cat carrier and drive him to the vet. Instead, we found Dr. Metten who provides this last service for animals in your home.

Dr. Metten came at 9PM so we could spend some more hours with Tony. Dr. Metten was so compassionate. He explained every step and took his time. It is so special that such a service exists which makes one of the hardest parts of your pet owning experience less painful.

Tony went peacefully on my bed, his favorite place, surrounded by my son, husband and myself.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Metten to anyone! He was just the best and so sensitive to all our needs and questions. He gave us as much time as we needed.

Thank you Dr. Metten and also thank you to your sweet, nice, compassionate staff.

Thank you so much for helping j.lo go to her eternal home peacefully last night. My husband and I have talked and it was the best thing we could have done for her. You were very professional and compassionate and made it an easier process for all of us.

Thank you again. We were so glad to have this as an option and would recommend you highly.

Joel and Jennifer