How to Pick the Perfect Pup

Christmas is a great time to get a new puppy for your family! It's so much fun to see faces of young and old alike light up at the first sight of a puppy. As a veterinarian, I have many clients either bring in their new additions, or ask me about how to choose from all the cuddly options. 

perfect pup (1).png

Before you get too caught up in the holiday spirit, take a quick minute to make sure you're getting the right one for your family. 


Here are 3 tips to help you select the perfect one for your family!

1.     Kneel, clap and follow. Kneel several feet away from the puppy and lightly clap your hands. The puppy should come readily to you with their tail up. Next, walk away from the puppy. Then squat down and encourage the pup with your voice to follow you.

2.     Petting: Sit next to the puppy and stroke him firmly from head to tail repeatedly. He normally should cuddle up next to you and try to lick your face.

3.     Playing with a toy. Use a ball or toy to get the pup's attention and roll it across the floor. Encourage the puppy to go after it and bring.


Looking for more?

A great resource if you're looking for more on this topic is the book  "The Perfect Puppy. How to Choose Your Dog by Its Behavior" by Benjamin Hart.