Dr. Greg Metten is an experienced veterinarian who began caring for pets in 1977.  He is recognized for his gentle manner and his keen diagnostic skills.

Through the years, Dr. Metten has counseled numerous clients through the difficult decision as to when to put their animal to sleep.  Until now, the only option he has been able to provide them is to bring their pet to his veterinary clinic for the procedure.  Although his clients have been very grateful for his gentle and supportive manner, many have mentioned they would prefer to do this at home where their animal feels safe and secure.

Now, it is possible to receive end of life counseling personally from Dr. Metten to help you through the difficult decision that you are making.  When it is the right time for you and your pet, he will come to your home for a gentle and painless passing.

Dr. Metten married his high school sweetheart and they have two married children and seven grandchildren who live in the San Diego area.